Excerpt from Grand Complications: 50 Guitars and 50 Stories from Inlay Artist William “Grit” Laskin

Front cover

The Big Bang, 2005 By William “Grit” Laskin For many guitarists, a few mother-of-pearl dots on the fretboard to mark the regular positions are perfectly satisfactory. For others, something very simple—a flower, a family crest, a favourite constellation—is all the custom inlay they desire. Then there are clients like this one. Over a nine-month period, […]

The Pineapple Thief reboots their sound


By Andrew Catania Bruce Soord’s The Pineapple Thief has returned with their latest effort titled ‘Your Wilderness’.   They’ve shifted their focus back to a more progressive sound than from there earlier releases on 2012’s ‘All the Wars’ and 2014’s ‘Magnolia’.  Both of these records had more of a polished rock sound to them. Drummer Dan Osbourne, who […]

Historic Debut Concert of Band of Gypsys to Be Released in its Entirety For First Time Ever


By Andrew Catania JIMI HENDRIX MACHINE GUN: THE FILLMORE EAST FIRST SHOW 12/31/69 OUT SEPTEMBER 30 ON CD, 2 LP 180 GRAM VINYL, HIGH-RESOLUTION SACD, AND DIGITAL. Finally, time has come for the Experience Hendrix L.L.C. and Legacy Records to release the complete debut concert of Jimi Hendrix. It would be titledMachine Gun: The Fillmore […]

Is Yngwie Malmsteen the Greatest Rock and Roll Guitarist Since Jimi Hendrix?


By Andrew Catania The historical archives of the heavy metal rock speak for the sheer class of Jimi Hendrix. As soon as his fingers came in touch with the metal chords, it was as if he was magically squeezing out tones that poured into the ears as profoundmusical fantasies that humanity had never heard before. It was as if his riffs, shreds and chord pulls came out […]

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