Carlos Santana & Neal Schon: Journey to the Center of the “Music”

… By Rod DeGeorge Photography Courtesy of : MARYANNE BILHAM Originally Published in our Guitarist Issue Carlos Santana and Neal Schon recently reunited, along with many of their original bandmates, to record Santana IV, 45 years after the release of Santana III. Listening to their latest offering, you are reminded of the magic that this […]

Paul Gilbert: “The hardest thing for me to do is to write a riff and then sing over it”

By Aman Khosla In a world where technical prowess, proficiency, and complexity have become well-celebrated pillars of guitardom (no, unfortunately, that’s not a real word), Paul Gilbert lives on the top shelf. Known to most as the co-founder of Mr. Big, he has had a colorful and successful career thus far, also including his early […]

Dominic Miller: “The notes that you don’t play, are as important as the ones that you do”

Republished from our “Dominic Miller” Issue  By Rod De George Photos by Derek Brad Dominic Miller is the type of musician who if you don’t immediately recognize his name, you will have most likely heard his playing. He has recorded an toured with some of music’s most notable names, as well as playing on numerous […]

The Legend of Leslie West       The Man…….The Mountain……The Musician

Republished from our “Dominic Miller” Issue  By Cliff Rhys James Like the siren cracked wide open on a fire truck racing toward the inferno – you hear it long before you see it. So it is with Leslie West, aka the King of Tone where the big sound precedes the big man. I’ve seen him introduced at concerts and right after the MC says […]

PAF Archaeology: Digging up the History of Classic Humbucker Tone

Originally Published in our “American Guitars II” Issue By Dave Stephens You see these see 3 letters, “P-A-F,” put together in the context of guitar pickups, and you automatically think “humbucker.” Well, what does that actually mean? Gibson’s first humbuckers went into production without a finalized approved Patent number, so to protect their design in […]

Ergon Guitars: “From the very beginning I always had in my mind’s eye a very ancient and well-worn Stradivarius violin”

Originally Published in our DOMINIC MILLER Issue Adriano Sergio, the force behind Ergon Guitars, is a lifelong craftsman and experienced musician. Starting at the age of five with a few tools provided by his parents, he grew up watching his father and exploring creatively. Working by hand, using mostly traditional tools, Adriano’s work is the […]

Jose Romanillos and the Evolution of the Spanish Guitar

By Brad Mahon Originally Published in our Classical Issue Through a deeply successful professional career—one that includes the titles: luthier, musicologist, author, and pedagogue—Jose Luis Romanillos (b.1932) has earned an important place in the history of the classical guitar. The legendary builder has produced many significant instruments following in the great Spanish tradition—a mold cast […]

Theo Scharpach: “Our Archtop looks like a very simple instrument but it’s a very complicated instrument.”

 By Amanda Dickey Guitar Connoisseur: Can you tell me about your company and your collaboration? Theo Scharpach: So, this is how it happens. I established the company, I started to make the company under my name brand for 15 years, I don’t know exactly. And then I didn’t want to make all the woodwork myself. […]

Roger Sadowsky: Repairman, Innovater & Master Luthier

Originally Published in our Perfect Pair Issue By Antoine Gedroyc The accomplished musician, Roger Sadowsky started playing the guitar in his junior year in college—learning to fingerpick and jamming on Paul Simon and Gordon Lightfoot songs. In 1972, he was halfway through a Ph.D. in psychobiology—studying animal behavior (I’m sure that helped him understanding musicians’ […]

Seth Avett: “Not every song needs words, not every song needs a chorus, not every song needs a guitar.”

Originally Published in our Guitarist Issue by Cliff Rhys JamesPhotos by Derek Brad The Avett Brothers’ lyrics strike me, like they do most people, as pure heartfelt honesty. It’s because they’re conceived by unpretentious people who unwrap reality and let it shine in all it’s glorious imperfections. In fact, Seth told me something a few days prior […]

Tommy Emmanuel: “I love old guitars – they all have a story and a history.”

By Joe Holesworth Republished from our “Perfect Pair” Issue There are many virtuosos in many styles– singers, guitarists, producers, drums, etc., etc… Very few people who are all of the above, at the same time, remain open-minded, approachable, genuine and glowing with an incredible amount of joy, happiness, and positivity to share. Tommy Emmanuel is […]

Is Yngwie Malmsteen the Greatest Rock and Roll Guitarist Since Jimi Hendrix?

By Andrew Catania The historical archives of the heavy metal rock speak for the sheer class of Jimi Hendrix. As soon as his fingers came in touch with the metal chords, it was as if he was magically squeezing out tones that poured into the ears as profound musical fantasies that humanity had never heard before. It was as if his riffs, shreds, and chord pulls came […]

Ruokangas Captain Nemo: What if the electric guitar had been invented in the late 19th century—say, 1895?

By Juha Ruokangas Republished from our Luthier Issue This peculiar project started on a long car ride with a good friend. We discussed the evolution of the electric guitar and challenged each other to brainstorm its future direction. Or, we wondered, will the electric guitar remain mostly true to its beginnings in the 1930s and […]

Is Eddie Van Halen the Greatest Rock Guitarist Since Hendrix?

By Andrew Catania The history rock music will forever be highlighted by a select few who managed to achieve far greater heights than their contemporaries. Jimi Hendrix is one, with the sheer brilliance and expertise par excellence, had no boundaries or restrictions to limit his potential and the magic he was capable of with the guitar. With no rules to abide by and no sequences […]

Boaz Elkayam: “There is no wood supplier in the world that can say he sold me wood for building guitars.”

Republished from the “First Issue” Click here to purchase in Print There are people that like to walk the path opened by others and walk it the best they can with respect. They have to know every detail and share it with others who shall continue walking to keep that path alive. Sometimes there are individuals, who after […]

Steve Stevens: “There is nothing cooler to me than opening the case of a new guitar!”

By Antoine Gedroyc Originally published in 2013 in our Mojo Issue We all know the stories, the glam rock stage pictures and the blazing cinematic riffs that left a mark on Rock n’ Roll history. Preparing this issue’s feature on Knaggs Guitars came with a bonus opportunity to speak with the legendary Steve Stevens. Currently working […]

Billy Gibbons: The Early Years From Moving Sidewalks to ZZ Top

By Jas Obrecht Republished from our Gibbons Issue Equal parts storyteller, fire-and-brimstone preacher, rollin’-and-tumblin’ bluesman, and rock guitar hero, Billy Gibbons has been entertaining friends and fans for a half-century. Offstage, he carries himself with an almost professorial dignity, parsing his phrases carefully as he pulls on his foot-long beard. He laces his conversation with […]

Guitar Connoisseur Stories: ” I’ve been very lucky to have the opportunity to spend most of my career playing in my own sandbox” -Harry Fleischman

I was lucky. Although I had been designing guitars from the time I was 11 or 12,  it was not until 1969, that I actually built anything. I was working as a studio musician in Hollywood. At a session, I tried playing my Fender Jazz Bass with a bow, tearing out bow hair and realizing […]

La Dissidente: A Unique Project in Electric Guitar History

Pictures: [email protected] et Gildas DasViken written by: Gildas DasViken et Clémence De Cellès English version by Bertrand Cléchet Synopsis After its creation two years ago, an anonymous group of 20 stringed-instrument makers and craftsmen creates its first guitar for charity purposes. Aiming at defending their values and handed over to small businesses and craftsmen, the […]

The making of the Fryette Valvulator GP/DI – A conversation with Steven Fryette

Fryette Amplification of North Hollywood, California is a manufacturer of high-quality master built electric guitar amplifiers, speaker cabinets, power amplifiers, attenuator / re-amping products and direct recording guitar amplifiers. The company was originally founded as VHT Amplification in Studio City, California by Steven Fryette in January 1989. Fryette’s innovations include invention of the Depth/Resonance control and the first true three-channel vacuum tube amplifier, both of which […]

The Ribbecke Guitar Company Introduces: The Legacy Trio

By Andrew Catania It’s September already and we are getting closer to the Santa Barbara Acoustic Instruments Celebration, held from September 29 to October 2! The Ribbecke Guitar Company is making an appearance to introduce their unique Legacy Trio limited series! It includes three customized beautiful acoustic models made out of a special and rare Honduran quilted mahogany […]

Excerpt from Grand Complications: 50 Guitars and 50 Stories from Inlay Artist William “Grit” Laskin

The Big Bang, 2005 By William “Grit” Laskin For many guitarists, a few mother-of-pearl dots on the fretboard to mark the regular positions are perfectly satisfactory. For others, something very simple—a flower, a family crest, a favourite constellation—is all the custom inlay they desire. Then there are clients like this one. Over a nine-month period, […]

The Pineapple Thief reboots their sound

By Andrew Catania Bruce Soord’s The Pineapple Thief has returned with their latest effort titled ‘Your Wilderness’.   They’ve shifted their focus back to a more progressive sound than from there earlier releases on 2012’s ‘All the Wars’ and 2014’s ‘Magnolia’.  Both of these records had more of a polished rock sound to them. Drummer Dan Osbourne, who […]

Historic Debut Concert of Band of Gypsys to Be Released in its Entirety For First Time Ever

By Andrew Catania JIMI HENDRIX MACHINE GUN: THE FILLMORE EAST FIRST SHOW 12/31/69 OUT SEPTEMBER 30 ON CD, 2 LP 180 GRAM VINYL, HIGH-RESOLUTION SACD, AND DIGITAL. Finally, time has come for the Experience Hendrix L.L.C. and Legacy Records to release the complete debut concert of Jimi Hendrix. It would be titledMachine Gun: The Fillmore […]

Kevin Eubanks: “ I ‘practice’ a lot and I have a feeling I always will. I don’t even call it practicing anymore.”

By Kelcey Alonzo Photos by Sandra Blume Originally published in our LP Reboot issue in 2013 Birdland, NYC – Tuesday, April 9, 2013 3:32 pm – Soundcheck 

We arrive at Birdland for the soundcheck of the first NYC show the Kevin Eubanks Quartet will perform later that evening. Immediately upon entering the venue, I see […]

Michael Greenfield: Passe a table

By Antoine Gedroyc Michael Greenfield is a perfect illustration of a luthier who developed his own unique and distinct vision despite emerging from a traditional apprenticeship. Each of his amazing instruments are built solely by him in his Montreal workshop; not from “cookie cutter” templates and CNC machines but individually tailored to the needs of each lucky customer. […]

Jacky Vincent: The Yngwie Malmsteen of the New Generation?

By Andrew Catania “Jacky’s got it all, his playing is always aggressive, exiting and fun to listen to. I’m a fan.” –Joe Satriani “Jacky’s ferocious, high-quality guitar playing makes me grin and say ‘yeeeeeeahhhh!’” -Paul Gilbert “Jacky Vincent is quite possibly the best new, young guitarist of his generation. Incredible technique and the musicality to […]

Crank it Down!

By Will Swanson That doesn’t sound quite right when you’re talking about music but when it comes to guitar maintenance many believe this is the gospel. The electric guitar gets it sound from harmonics and vibrations within the instrument as a whole as well as the materials individually, but a buzzing instrument never sounds good. […]

Nine Essential Allman Brothers Band Albums Remastered From Original Analog For Reissue On 180-Gram Vinyl LPS And HD Digital Audio

New LP Editions Available Individually and in a Limited Edition 15LP Collection with Exclusive Extras in Wooden Peach Crate LOS ANGELES, May 24, 2016 — Nine essential Allman Brothers Band albums, spanning 1969 to 1979, have been remastered from the original analog tapes for reissue on audiophile quality 180-gram vinyl on July 22 by Mercury/UMe. […]