Gary Hoey: Shredder, Producer, Bluesman!

By Andrew Catania

World renowned, rock guitarist, Gary Hoey is active as ever!  Adding to his busy tour schedule, he’s released “Dust & Bones”, his newest album for The Mascot Records.  “I’m very excited to be on a guitar driven label that has some of the greats that I admire like Warren Haynes, Robert Cray, Steve Lukather, Joe Bonamassa, Eric Johnson and many more.”  Gary is one that has many sounds to his music.  He can shred with the best of them, and play blues like his idols. I recently caught up with Gary to discuss his new album as he was buying a new car for his wife.

Guitar Connoisseur: Gary, it’s a pleasure to have you!  I’ve been a fan of yours for 25 plus years. Did you plan on making a follow up to Deju Blues like this? 

Gary Hoey:  Yes I did.  Blues is a more progressive approach than my previous shred albums.  I’m also going to be producing a few unknown blues guitarists that I discovered through social media.

GC: What made you decide to go in this direction again? 

GH: Blues is something I’ve been wanting to do.  My next few albums are going to be blues based.  I’ve had good feedback from the fans, and it’s definitely an avenue I enjoy doing.

GC: Dust in Bones sounds like a blend of blues and classic rock.  How would you describe it? 

GH: That’s exactly how I’d describe it. I’d describe it as some of my older rock, with blues attached to it.

GC: On this album, you worked with Lita Ford.  Who, you produced her 2012 album, Living Like a Runaway.  Is there anyone else you’d like to work with on future collaborations? 

GH: I actually went on Lita’s tour bus and had her sing Coming Home(laughing).  I’m actually going to be working with Lita on her upcoming record.

Lita Ford featuring Special Guest Gary Hoey perform on May 22, 2011 at the House of Blues in San Diego
Lita Ford featuring Special Guest Gary Hoey perform on May 22, 2011 at the House of Blues in San Diego

GC: My favorite song on the album is this time tomorrow.  How did you come up with this song?  

GH:Thank you.  That song was inspired by Robin Trower.

GC: I know your good friends with Dick Dale.  Is Soul Surfer a kind of homage to him? I thought I detected some of his influence in that song?  

GH: Dick and I are good friends.  You sure can!  You can also hear some Joe Bonamassa too.

GC: You have a diverse background of records.  I saw you on Yngwie Malmsteen’s Guitar Gods tour back in 2014.  How do you think your shred fans will be receptive of Dust in Bones? 

GH: I haven’t had any of my fans come up to me, saying “Hey I don’t like this”.  I think my fans can appreciate my diverse background and its always fresh songs.  It’s not a continuation of the same old stuff.

GC: I’ve noticed a lot of artists from the 80’s are prospering more in Europe than the USA. Would you agree?

GH: Europeans and Americans are different.  Americans are more into what’s in style at that moment.


GC: I know you’re also a producer, do you have anything in the works?  

GH: Yes.  I have guitar instructional DVD’s coming this summer.  I’m also writing for my next album!

GC: Do you have plans of continuing with the blues influenced sound on future recordings?  

Gary:My next few albums are going to be blues based.  I’m actually writing for my next record now.

GC: What are your tour plans in support of Dust in Bones?  

GH:Now that I’m signed with Mascot, I’m going to be touring extensively through the US, and looking at Europe, too.


GC: Was the move to Mascot good for you professionally? 

GH:Yes, it was.  They have amazing talent on this label.  Eric Johnson is here.  Mascot is the reason I’m looking at touring Europe.

GC: How do you feel about the state of the music scene, with Spotify, iTunes ruling the scene?  You can’t make the royalties off records like you did in the 80’s? 

GH:You’re absolutely correct.  You have to embrace this technology.  My last two albums I self-financed.  I had no label.  You have to think outside of the box in terms of earning revenue.

GC: Touring, meet and greets, shirt sales?

GH:That’s part of the big equation.


GC: That brings up the YouTube issue.  How do you feel about YouTube and its compensation, or lack thereof, to the artists? 

GH: I feel YouTube isn’t properly compensating the artists.  People just look at the video, and don’t realize that’s the artist’s property and hard work they’ve put into that.  YouTube can spin it how they like, but, they’re not paying artists squat for our music.

GC: If you had to put together a G3 type of tour, who would you pick? 

GH: I’d pick Warren Haynes and Joe Bonamaasa

GC: What can we expect from you in the future?

GH: I’ll be touring in support of Dust in Bones extensively.  I’ll be working with Lita Ford on her next record.  I have my guitar instructional videos coming out.  I’m also going to be working with up and coming blues guitarists that I’ve found through social media.  I always have something going on.  People can check me out at, and I’m also on Twitter and Facebook!

GC: Gary, thanks so much for speaking with us and we look forward to seeing you out on the road!

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  1. Fantastic and upbeat interview. Definitely will be going to see Gary again next time he brings his band to Chicago. In the meantime, I will be enjoying his new album! Thank you.

  2. Very informative to his fans. The questions asked to Gary, were the ones that, I think most of his fans would want him to answer for them.
    Great interview!
    Thank You#

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