Interview with Mathias Meyer – GC visits the HGGS Part 1

By Amanda Dickey

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When the Holy Grail Guitar Show premiered last year in Berlin, Germany. Guitar Connoisseur had an all access pass to all the luthiers. Guitar Connoisseur contributor Amanda Dickey was there and decided to ask all the luthiers the same question to compare and contrast their personalities and build styles. Here is interview number 1 master luthier Mathias Meyer of Bassart Guitars.

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Tell us about yourself. Where is your workshop?
My name is Matthias Meyer and I’m the founder of Bassart Guitars. I operate out of Braunschweig (Brunswick), Niedeersachsen in Germany.

How long have you been building guitars?
I have been building guitars since 1996.

What has been your biggest inspiration?
I love 70’s and 60’s guitars and old German guitars. They are my inspiration.

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Do you consider yourself to be a guitar player?
I play bass in a band and that is just over 15 years now. I’ve done tours and at the same time have been a stage hand for many other musicians.

Why did you come to the show?
I was invited – you have to be invited in order to come. I also wanted to network and see many of the other German guitar builders who are my friends.

Do you get inspired by other guitar builders?

I think, as luthiers, that we learn a lot from each other. Just looking around the room at the other guitars is inspiring.


What are your goals as a builder?
Oh, that’s difficult. I make my money through this – it is my life and my passion.

Is this your full-time job?
This is what I do full-time. I build 40 guitars a year.

What is your customer base like?
My instruments are purchased by guitar lovers of all kinds. Some of my guitars are played by different big metal and rock bands like The Scorpions and Neurosis.

What do you like most about guitar building?
I love to make the finish of the wood. The wood-working is my favorite.

If you could be any part of the guitar, what part would you be and why?

I would be the pick-up because it always has to be on an electric guitar to express the voice. The pick-up has a huge impact on the sound of the guitar.

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