Jensen Tornado Stealth Series

By Andrew Catania

The quality of sound and the feel of it when it falls onto the eardrums is a matter of utmost significance for musicians. A masterpiece melody is not all about the type of instruments and how the artist plays it but also depends on a great deal on the type and quality of the instrument it passes through. This is the reason why musicians are always on the hunt for speakers that would catch their tones with all its fine aesthetics and details and resonate it in its truest finesse. No matter how perfect is the composition, a speaker casts an immense impact on the tone, either making it or ruining it completely. What is important to note is that all speakers are not same and come with their own specifications in terms of impedance, magnet material, frequency, size, and wattage.

Jensen Loudspeakers is the makers of finest speakers and has been designing excellent audio output devices since 1927. Jensen’s speakers and loudspeakers are acclaimed for the density, richness and intricate and detailed quality of sound that compliments the tones produced by all musical instruments and brings out the best of all genres.

Jensen Speakers holds a sound market repute that is synonymous with great tones and excellent finesse and makes it the ultimate pioneer, leading the industry through its modern, classic, upbeat and state-of-the-art speakers. Jensen Speakers will launch at the incoming Namm Show the Tornado Stealth speaker line, featuring the latest technology developments achieved by Jensen. The Tornado Stealth speakers will be the flagship models of the hugely successful Jensen Jet line.

The Tornado Stealth Series is a unique and avant-garde set of speakers that are specifically designed to bring the musicians’ hunt for lightweight yet high performing speakers to an end. The 12” Stealth speakers operate on an intricate circuitry and have an immense capability to absorb the minutest nuances of tones and reflect it through the most accurate sonic dynamics. The entire line of Stealth speakers is lightweight and likely to fascinate the musicians looking for a light, handy and portable amps and cabinets on the floor of National Association of Music Merchants (NAMM) Show happening the 3rd week of January 2017.

All the Tornado Stealth speakers are extraordinarily lightweight, thanks to the Jensen exclusive  Neodymium technology. The R&D wizards resurged some key design principles that were typical of the vintage AlNiCo Jensens, and implemented them in these new Neodymium speakers, losing half the weight of a traditional speaker, while keeping intact the classic sound and feel that the vintage Jensens are fabled for.

As a matter of fact, these speakers deliver the authentic tone, with all the dynamics and the harmonic content that the most demanding musicians expect.

Jensen Neodymium has been incorporated with an immense sensitivity to the player’s technique. The advanced tone and ultra-precise dynamics stem from the design circuitry of Jensen Alnico Speakers.

The Jensen Tornado Stealth 65, featuring an exquisite bell cover over the magnetic assembly is a highly versatile speaker with an immense capacity to deliver the most soothing as well as the high rocking tones. Furthermore, it’s smooth, progressive break-up makes up the Tornado Stealth 65 as a very suited speaker for a wide variety of musical styles, with a definite rock attitude.

The Jensen Tornado Stealth 80 puts a greater accentuation on rock tones, producing substantial lows, firm mids, and vivacious high notes. Jensen’s Stealth 80 offers high definition tones with extreme punch and clarity.

The Jensen Tornado 100 is directly derived from the original Jensen Tornado 12, used by Fender in the George Benson Signature Twin Reverb amp, as well as by quite a few other manufacturers. The Stealth 100 has a rich, evenly balanced response, capable of airiness and warmth at the same time, with headroom to spare and an uncanny ability to transfer to the audience even the most dexterous single note runs and the most complex chord.

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