Meet the Mad Professor from Finland

By Andrew Catania

Founded as a joint venture by Harri Koski and Jukka Mönkkönen in 2002, their first product being a CS40 amplifier, Mad Professor Amplification Ltd. was launched in its full operational capacity in 2006.


Mad Professor Amplification Ltd is a Finland based musical instruments and gears manufacturing company that makes the finest quality, state of the art pedals and amplifiers for guitar players to improve and elevate their musical game.

The idea and inspiration behind the launch of Mad Professor Amplification Ltd was to manufacture and produce bespoke value additions for guitars and whammy bars. The venture that started as a joint feat, later extended to get a competent team of musical professionals onboard to consume their cumulated mastery and expertise and the knowledge about the intricacies of musical instruments, to create pedals and amplifies and value-added gadgets and tools for guitar players.


The Mad Professor Amplification’s team of professionals possesses an incredible expertise over strings and chords and thus consume their treasure trove of excellence to enhance and improve an instrument’s basic specifications through effects pedals and amplifies, to incorporate an additional dab of variety and options, making a handy set of tools for guitar players to experiment and play with their musical mastery and creativity.



From vintage classics to modern electrics, Mad Professor Amplification manufactures gears and pedals for all types of guitars, catering to the needs and demands of the musicians and guitar players of all genres alike, from rock and roll to high pitched blues and from the Mad Professor’s personal favorite old school rock.


Besides possessing musical mastery as a result of years of experience mending broken instruments and improvising on all categories of instruments, what really sets Mad Professor Amplification apart from the rest of the manufacturers in the musical instruments and gear manufacturing industry is their avant-garde acoustic techniques and attention to detail while experimenting with the musical vibratos.

Their effects pedals and amplifiers offer a systematic control and complete command to the player, to help him evolve a musical plane of their own. The effect pedals offer and enhance the output and performance of a guitar though nuances, grudges, and textures, along with amplifier varieties to leverage the frequency and intensity of the output from the chords.

Being lightweight, handy and fully automatic with a manual control, their passionate journey of instruments extends from setting their hands and experimenting on neodymium speakers which they found lacking on the basic essential musical essence.


They later switched over to old ceramic speakers, and now with years of experience of playing with all types of speakers and other raw material, they finally landed in to base their products on Jensen Tornado Speakers that satiates their penchant and philia for balanced harmonic equilibrium and a little tinge of American flavor.

Their product portfolio is an extensive myriad of value-adding gadgets for guitars and includes a variety and further extension in the categories that include hand wired pedals, factory pedals, amplifiers and cabinets and red cables.

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  1. This article is comprised of trite
    cliches. It appears to have been
    written by a P.R. hack with no real
    knowledge of amplifiers, instruments,
    or music. It is essentially
    meaningless and devoid of any useful
    information–it is merely a
    collection of poorly used and
    misunderstood buzz words. To be
    fair, the bizarre grammar and usage
    indicates that the author may not be
    a native English speaker, and for
    that reason has no idea what he/she
    is saying. In any case, it reflects
    poorly on Guitar Connoisseur’s
    standards for publication.

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