Michael Greenfield – Maker of the Finest Hand Crafted Guitars

By Andrew Catania

Photography by: Roger Aziz

Some people were born to a calling; like Beethoven for his outstanding symphonies and Al Pacino for his unforgettable, eternal roles. Shakespeare was born to write and Picasso was destined to paint. Some things are decided and planned out beyond the restrictions of our wisdom and intellect, and the best way to deal with them is to just let them happen, for this is how chef d’oeuvres are made.

Michael Greenfield is known for creating stringed-and-soulful masterpieces – the enchanting six-stringed beauties – crafted to perfection, one at a time, by hand. It is much more than his profession, it is his obsession to extract the tiniest nuance of tone from each of his guitars. His craft, professional and personal life is entirely centered on guitars. And that too spans over not a couple of years or decades, but over half a century.


His obsession began in the early 1970s by getting his hands on some broken down pieces, modifying, repairing and restoring them, and bringing their silent voices back to life. Twenty years later, he decided to dive headlong into designing hand-fashioned guitars, opting it as his profession. More to that, he also has a penchant for music and acoustics and has been playing the guitar for over 50 years now. So, keeping all things aligned, Greenfield is a complete package when it comes to matters of the guitar and might be regarded a living ‘encyclopedia of guitars’.


Michael Greenfield believes that it requires far more than just timber, chisels and metal strings to craft a concert-quality guitar. It requires a thorough, meticulous and intimate understanding of the instrument’s history, physical dynamics, acoustic mechanisms and decades of experience. All of this, coupled with the finest materials go into creating every one of his guitars. It is this philosophy that made him steer clear of mass production, restricting him to craft a limited number of Archtop, Steel String and Concert Classical guitars each year. Each one’s voice and playability considered perfection.


Greenfield enjoys a credible and established international fan following in the music world. His loyal clientele includes some glitzy names like Tony McManusColin HayPierre BensusanAndy McKeeBrooke MillerCharlie HunterPat MartinoKeith RichardsDon AlderJoe FinnMelissa GreenerEmmanuel Rossfelder, Philippe Mariotti and many others. His private workshop in Montreal is often visited by the touring artists who are his friends and customers.  Many aspiring guitarists would love to meet Michael Greenfield His creations satiate the need of all tones and genres alike.

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