Nick Johnston: Ambient-Rock Genius

With his guitar, Canadian atomic rock guitarist Nick Johnston has been able to carve out his own unique style within a crowded landscape of instrumental guitarists. Nick is a firm believer that “you are what you eat” and that by listening to many different styles, a songwriter can be exposed to different harmonies, rhythms, time signatures and tones. And his inspiration is evident in his sound, which ranges from blues, to jazz, to gypsy. The artist has recently released a ton of new music videos, a new album and a new documentary on his YouTube channel and website.

It’s been two years since Nick Johnston’s last project An Atomic Mind following his In a Locked Room on the Moon a year before. But the guitar wizard is back with his latest project, Remarkably Human, his 4th album: highlighting his artistic vision, dynamic guitar playing and evolution as a guitarist.

His music and story does not even require any vocals or lyrics; Nick Johnston lets his guitar do the talking. Featuring Gavin Harrison on drums (Porcupine Tree, King Crimson), Bryan Beller on bass (the Aristocrats, Joe Satriani, Steve Vai) and Luke Martin on piano (Plini), Johnston has truly proven his versatility.


Johnston says that “Remarkably Human” is the best and most ambitious record he’s created on every level. You can hear the musician’s increased confidence, experience, effective tones, songwriting and a full-on natural evolution with this album. The direction of “Remarkably Human” was to make a more ambitious work, but the writing and creative process all came naturally, without planning or forcing any specific themes. That’s what makes this album so sensational. Scott, the producer, adds that the thematic nature of his [Johnston’s] music isn’t about the guitar playing, it’s way more than that; it’s about the melody and about the song. That’s what sets Nick apart from other instrumental guitar artists.

In releasing his latest album, Nick Johnston is hitting a cross-country promotional tour.

This promotional tour encompasses cities within Canada and USA. He has already toured across the USA and Canada this fall, and he’s just returned from touring Asia and is heading to the UK soon!



Johnston is returning to Asia in 2017 to perform with Animals As Leaders + Periphery. Upcoming dates below:



Tue-14-Feb Taipei,Taiwan / Legacy

Wed-15-Feb Osaka Japan / Club Quattro

Thu-16-Feb Tokyo Japan / Club Quattro

Sat-18-Feb Beijing China / YGYS

Sun-19-Feb Hangzhou / Mao Livehouse

Tue-21-Feb Hong Kong / Hidden Agenda

Thu-23-Feb Bangkok Thailand / The Rock Pub

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