The Steel City Guitar – A Sports Car with Six Strings

By Stuart Day

“This particular instrument was a special one-off design. The model is what I call the steel city. Named after Pittsburgh for its simple elegance and its ability to work hard.

Photo Jun 26, 12 28 50 PM

This particular guitar is a shallower depth instrument to accommodate the powerful custom Kent Armstrong Hum-bucker which is inset into the top. With an Engelmann spruce top and Carpathian spruce bracing this guitar ended up having a wonderful balance of arch-top punch with a warmth and smoothness that compliments a wide range of playing styles.

Photo Jun 26, 12 29 09 PMI have been calling this guitar the sports car because that’s exactly how it feels.

Photo Jun 26, 12 27 26 PM

Its fast, quick response, but smooth and effortless ride makes this guitar a very enjoyable piece to play. The finish was inspired by a story I heard of why Steinway pianos were black. The Steinway brothers did not want their pianos judged by anything but tone and playability.

Photo Jun 26, 12 28 50 PM

I always loved that and had been waiting for the right client to try to pull off this ambitious finish. The combination of hand rubbed stain base under a sprayed nitro sunburst was a challenge but I think well worth it as this is certainly one of the most striking archtops that have come out of my shop. ”

“Stuart Day has been practicing the fine art of lutherie for all of his adult life. After working with some of the finest in the industry Stuart is now proud to offer his own selection of world-class acoustic Arch-top and Flat-top steel string guitars. Each and every Stuart Day Guitar is an exquisite, handcrafted, reflection of Stuart’s years of experience and dedication to the craft of Lutherie.”


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