Vinnie Moore: Still Shredding

By Andrew Catania

Vinnie Moore is one of the most influential and important guitarists to emerge out of the guitar god boom of the mid to late 1980’s. Boasting nine studio albums, he’s one of the most recognizable artists on the Shrapnel record label.

Beginning his career at the tender age of 12, Moore played clubs and bars until Shrapnel big wig Mike Varney discovered him through a magazine article. His connection with Varney led to a Pepsi commercial in 1985, which give him enough recognition to record his first solo album, Mind’s eye. His debut led to several awards from Guitar Magazine’s and sold over 100,000 copies, bringing him direct into the spotlight of the guitar world.



The virtuoso craze of the late eighties led to more well received releases on Shrapnel, and soon he began to perform with other bands in the hard rock scene. He joined Alice Cooper’s band for a tour and the ‘Hey Stoopid’ album, and released two very popular instructional videos on playing guitar.

He secured a tour with Rush for his solo material, then turned around and had a guitar clinic that spanned several continents. His dedication to teaching his craft has brought him much praise in musician’s circles. Although the nineties saw a decline in the popularity of solo guitar music, Moore survived the downward trend due to his popular guitar clinics and quality playing.


Standing tall with fellow guitar heroes Al DiMeolaSteve VaiMarty Friedman, Tony McAlpine, and Joe SatrianiVinnie Moore has enjoyed a successful working relationship with Shrapnel records. Moore released a solo record in 2015 called, “Aerial Vision”, and is still touring with the band UFOVinnie is still considered one of the ‘elite’ shredders still today.

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