Jacky Vincent: The Yngwie Malmsteen of the New Generation?

By Andrew Catania
“Jacky’s got it all, his playing is always aggressive, exiting and fun to listen to. I’m a fan.” –Joe Satriani
“Jacky’s ferocious, high-quality guitar playing makes me grin and say ‘yeeeeeeahhhh!'” -Paul Gilbert
“Jacky Vincent is quite possibly the best new, young guitarist of his generation. Incredible technique and the musicality to play the right part at the right time, he has everything it takes to be the next new guitar hero!”. -Michael Angelo Batio 
“If Jacky Vincent was a car, he would definitely be a Ferrari! This guy can play anything! His speed and accuracy is impeccable.” -Jake Pitts (Black Veil Brides) 
Jacky Vincent, the former lead guitarist of post-hardcore/hard rock giants FALLING IN REVERSE is kicking off 2016 with a bang, with the official announcement of both his new band and his future musical plans via FRET12! Jacky shocked fans all over the music scene when he announced that he was parting ways with the band that he had forged his musical career with. While the split was amicable, the news of his departure left many fans wondering what the future would hold for the young guitarist.
Jacky had a monumental year in 2015 with Falling In Reverse, both in releasing a chart-topping album (“Just Like You”) and in touring the world in support of it- yet despite these successes, the creative fire continued to burn inside the guitarist. Jacky Vincent is a massive creative talent and was paramount to Falling In Reverse’s undeniably catchy yet heavy sound. Already manning a solo project, the guitarist realized he had other untapped creative ideas that were keeping him up at night- ideas that had to get out.Now, in 2016, Jacky Vincent is officially announcing his new band to the world. CRY VENOM will be the name of this brand new project, and will feature some of Jacky’s closest musical allies.
The band’s sound is rooted heavily in power metal- a style that Jacky grew up loving. Jacky plans to infuse electronic and ambient keyboard elements into this sound, among his signature style of guitar shred. The band will feature fellow Dean Guitars artist Niko Gemini (of Davey Suicide) on guitar, along with Colton Majors on keyboards. Niko, upon joining forces with Jacky, was the one who helped the group find their ideal singer in the Russian-born Aleksey Smirnov. 2016 holds a ton of promise for the up and coming group, and with the news of the group’s formation being officially announced, it will only be a matter of time until the group unleashes their new tunes upon the world! The band is in the studio at this very moment, and has plans to tour in the works as well. Make sure to follow Jacky Vincent on social media as well as by checking out his official website for all of the latest news on the young guitar god!

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10 thoughts on “Jacky Vincent: The Yngwie Malmsteen of the New Generation?

  1. Awesome talent to be reckoned with! Will sure take the metal scene by storm! All the best for max heavy success!!! \m/

  2. So excited to read about Jacky Vincent! I was wondering when you guys were going to do a write-up on him. Definitely good to see the enthusiasm of his talent was communicated!

  3. Great article!!! I love Vincent’s impassioned guitar playing. Just the fact that some of the biggest names are calling out his talent, says so much.

  4. Was very impressed with the article. … no doubt that he has talent … going to be awesome new material …. can’t wait to hear it. ….

  5. Was A very well written article, He has many new and abstract talents….Hopping to see and hear more from this young man . It will be very interesting to see and hear some new sounds from today’s amazing Guitarist’s …

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