The Temperance Movement Resurrects Rock N’ Roll

By Andrew Catania

Born in 2011, The Temperance Movement have been selling out shows all over the place. If Rock ‘n’ Roll is to be saved or even needs saving, bands like this will lead the way

I would imagine that naming your band after a movement that endorsed total abstinence from alcohol is probably not a strategy considered by most musicians with a desire to claim their territory in the echelons of heavy rock hierarchy… but honestly, listening to The Temperance Movement, I’m enjoying the irony of that particular decision.

The band comes across as if they were spoon fed classic guitar rock since the day they were born, and the beauty is that they are 100% real – nothing slick, nothing corporate about them. I suppose the phrase I’ll use is one I use a lot, organic. Yup, this is a rock as pure as the driven snow, and sure – they wear their roots on their sleeves, but they wear them damned well. They have a genuineness that harkens back to The Stones, Free, then later The Black Crowes, and now into the glorious teens.

Phil Campbell is The Temperance Movement’s frontman and he has the full package – great voice, looks like he belongs in front of a mic, and he writes straight from his heart. His passion and enthusiasm come across like a young Joe Cocker, half in control, and halfway to the moon.

I hear The Stones, Free, The Black Crowes, The Flying Burrito Brothers, and many others in this band’s DNA, but mostly I hear a genuine love and reverence for the form of rock ‘n’ roll. As long as there are bands like The Temperance Movement, rock ‘n’ roll will never die.

With credentials that resonate like a newly tiled bathroom, which includes the bassist from Jamiroquai, the drummer from Feeder, the guitarist from Ben’s Brother AND a ‘handpicked by Mick Jagger’ support slot with the Stones, TTM should certainly stand up to some close scrutiny.

To Keep up with the Temperance Movement visit:

If you haven’t heard of the Temperance Movement, you’re going to hear about them VERY soon. This band is going places!

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