John Varvatos – ‘Long Live Rock’

by Andrew Catania

From Mick Rock and John Varvatos – the iconic duo comprising of two people who are masters of their own game; one hailing from the glitz and glam of music photography and the other one who is rocking the fashion world, comes their latest documentary titled ‘Long Live Rock’.


It’s been a while since they came up with the idea of JV on Tour, a series of videos and a joint venture from the camp of the dynamic duo. In continuation of their legacy, Rock and Varvatos explore and capture the priceless moments from London’s 70’s music horizon.

The video is not just another documentary. It takes us all on a charismatic ride in that five minutes and twenty-four seconds long visual journey back into the corridors of the 1970s music scene and the golden music icons who are still remembered and cherished for their timeless classic music numbers.

Shot in high resolution, black and white hues to infuse a realistic vintage classic appeal, the video is an exquisite compilation of cinematographic motions and photo stills that speak volumes for the intricate aesthesis and photographic mastery, serving as a reminder that it takes more than a mere click for a masterpiece shot. By the look and feel of the video, the dynamic duo seems to have aced the job in that department.

Directed by the maestro, Benjie Croce, and shot by the crackerjack, Mick Rock, ‘the man who shot the seventies’, John Varvatos takes the audience to the most emblematic locations of London that narrate the tale of the music horizon of the 70’s. From Blakes Hotel to Wetherby and from The Dorchester Hotel in Park Lane to the Hotel Royal Café, the journey will surely bedazzle you, making one delve into beautiful nostalgia.

To learn more about John Varvatos please visit: johnvarvatos.comtimthumb-php

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